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Social responsibility / sustainability

In the association Roskilde Airshow, we take our social responsibility seriously. We believe that all companies that have the opportunity to do so should put effort into adapting their business in such a way that the burden on the surrounding community is reduced. Therefore, we have worked partly to adjust routines and planning, and partly to launch a number of initiatives which, both in the short and long term, aim to fulfill this responsibility. In addition to this, we collaborate with voluntary organizations such as the veteran company, which supports veterans with physical and mental disabilities from their service.

Sustainability within the future of aviation

What is the Aviation of the future? The short answer is: I guess no one knows for sure yet. What everyone knows, however, is that aviation is one of the activities that emits a lot of CO2. This means that aviation in the future must be developed in a direction that, unlike today, is sustainable.

According to ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization), which is the UN’s agency for international aviation, everyone involved in aviation must agree on a common vision. We believe this means that everyone involved in aviation, from pilots and aircraft manufacturers to passengers and Airshows, has a responsibility to deal with the future.

Roskilde Airshow therefore reaches out to companies dealing with sustainable technological development, we invite air shows that address the sustainable agenda. Roskilde Airport offers e.g. now SAF – Sustainable Aviation Fuel.

We look at, among other things on the choice of business partners, the way we organize the show itself, and finally how we can support a more sustainable development within aviation, i.a. by inviting players to our Airshow who support and work in this area. We hope that the effort can contribute to Roskilde Airshow as an organization taking part in the fight for a future with sustainable aviation.

Who can you meet at Roskilde Airshow?

….as well as some of our partners!

“I am very pleased to be able to contribute to RAS’ green agenda. I think a sustainable future in aviation rely heavily on entrepreneurship and initiative. I’m looking forward with excitement jo join the airshow in 2023 with my aerobatic show and share with you my thoughts on The Future of Aviation”

Martin Gräf, aerobatic pilot,
Cardiologist and
environmental activist

“Through our participation, we can both raise funds for the work with our physically and psychologically vulnerable veterans and raise awareness of the challenges a hard working life can bring in later life. It is therefore absolutely essential for our work that we get the opportunity to get out and show people who we are and what we do. That is why I am incredibly happy that organizations like RAS have again invited us and we look forward to participating.”

Jacob Panton,
Chairman the Veteran gunners
Veteran Skytterne
Growing Trees Network
Aerobatic Eagle - Martin Graf

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