Exhibitions stands

Once reservations for exhibition stands are received , aircraft on static display, etc., will be posted on this page. All aircraft participating in the Air Show will also be on static display, unless otherwise indicated.

Like 2019, we will try to get as many different exhibition stands as possible. Besides this, it will be possible to buy beverage and food, as well as opportunities for the smallest to jump in bouncy castles, FUN-JUMP 4 in 1 Bungy-Trampolin, and much more.

Want to be a pilot or flight mechanic?

There will be several flying schools that educate pilots and TEC which educate flight mechanics in the exhibition area. So if that's something that you are thinking about you should definitely make it a visit. Make a booking for a test flight.

Twilight Airshow

The twilight Airshow in 2019 was a success and will be repeated on Friday night. The gates will open at. 18.00 where it is possible to see the aircraft that have already arrived. There will be opportunity to buy food and beverages and not all exhibitions stands will be set up. The evening ends with fireworks. See the show program on the Airshow page. A guaranteed great experience.


Meet the display pilots

If you want to ask questions and get the autographs in your programme and shake the hands with a pilot or need to know how a Spitfire flies, proceed to the place where the last display aircraft is parked. The crews will generally be available to meet the public up to 30 minutes after they have completed their display. We cannot garantee that all display pilots will be available

F-16 mock up

Would you like to sit in an F-16 cockpit? You have the opportunity to do so. Aviation History Collection participates at Roskilde Airshow with F-16 mockup.

First Class Event

For those who want to enjoy the Airshow in first class, we provide a fantastic experience. The First Class areas have the best location on the entire groundshow site with easy access to exhibitors, parking, toilets, flight line etc. If you want to build or nurture network relationships and business connections, the First Class area is the perfect opportunity. Should there be special needs, we are happy to help put together the total experience, so please reach out. More info HERE

Roskilde Showband

Roskilde Showband will contribute to a festive experience at the opening of the Roskilde Airshow on Saturday . The showband offers a mixed repertoire with everything from ABBA, the Beatles and other surprising entertainment at a high level.

RC flying

This year there is also the opportunity to see many beautiful model airplanes at Modelflyvning Danmark, which today are not small airplanes, but several meters long and with remote control. There are both airplanes with propellers and real jet engines. There will be an opportunity to see model aircraft of the types Hercules C-130, F-16, Super caravelle / Sterling airways, aerobatics, Spitfire, Fockewolf, Ptts Challenger, Extra 300, Cessna 182, Rafale, Wizard. Several of the models will participate before, during and after the Air display program. There will be an RC simulator and construction area where children can build a small rookie plane which can be taken home as a souvenir from the day.

WW2 touch

Roskide Airshow has aircraft from WW2 participating. Besides this, there is participation of Big Red One from Sweden and WW2 Yanks from Denmark, which is a bunch of WW2 enthusiasts as in the form of "living history" trying to reproduce life as an American soldier, for the period from 1941 to war's end in 1945. You can meet them and their equipment in our exhibition area and. There will be weapons from World War II which are all dummies.


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