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Visitors with their own aircraft are very welcome! Landing no later than 30 minutes before the Air Show starts and no take-off's until the Air Show has finished. No general aviation allowed during the airshow - see NOTAMs. If you fly in for the twilight Airshow you can depart after the Airshow until midnight paying normal fees.

If needed, visiting VFR flights will be directed to normal holding points: Borup - Køge - Valby - Taastrup.

Expect aircraft parking at taxiway J and walk to the briefing for payment of landing fees. Pilot in command has free entry to the Air Show, other passengers pay the normal entrance fee at the secretary (at Roskilde Flying Club).

No PPR will be required outside closing hours but ATS flightplan needs to be filed

If you are participating in the airshow, please state it in your flight plan in remarks.

For further information please contact Roskilde Airport briefing:
Phone +45 32 31 62 20

Below links (pdf) to VFR and IFR approach charts, frequencies etc. for Copenhagen Airport - Roskilde (EKRK):

NOTAMs in effect during the air show

Will be updated when Notams received

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