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Friday the 18th, Saturday the 19th and Sunday the 20th of August 2023 at Copenhagen Airport - Roskilde.


The event is aimed at the whole family. Especially given to represent and provide information on training opportunities within aviation - both civilian and military - so that eg. students at close range can find out about possible careers related to aviation. Geographically visitors expected from all over Sealand, Lolland Falster and from Fyn since Roskilde Airshow 2023 is the only major Air Show at Sealand. 15.000-20.000 visitors are expected, depending on weather.


At Roskilde Airshow 2023 organizers are trying to get as many different kinds of aircraft as possible with the show. The Danish Armed Forces will participate with military aircraft and helicopters from the Navy and Air Force, and the participation of foreign military aircraft is also expected. There is also considerable participation of civil airliners, business aircraft and helicopters, military aircraft from World War II and beyond, aerobatic flight aircraft, and a wide selection of home-built aircraft and veteran aircraft. Furthermore, there will be, gliders, ultra lights, model plane and parachute-teams. Aircraft, we do not normally see, is also expected to attend from abroad. We repeat last airshow major success with pleasure flights both Saturday and Sunday.

Twilight Airshow

The Twilight Airshow in 2019 (2021 was cancelled due to Covid-19) was a success and will on again Friday night. The gates open at 18.00 and it will be possible to see the planes that have already arrived up untill the show starts. There will be an oportunity to buy food and beverages and not all exhibition stands will be set up. The night ends in fireworks! See the show schedule on the Airshow page.

Food & beverage, handicap, smoking, paramedics, dogs

It is possible to buy food and beverages in the exhibition area, where toilets also are available. Smoking is NOT allowed in the entire airport. There are doctors and first aid personel with their own stand. It is not allowed to bring dogs, except seeing eye dogs.


All aircraft participating in the Air Show can be viewed on the ground if not otherwise stated. Further a great number of different exhibitions stands related to flying, such as flying clubs, flying unions, flying schools etc, are expected to the ground show. There will also be an area of children's amusement park with particular carousel and bouncy castle.


Roskilde Airshow is organized by the Roskilde Airshow Association. Any surplus from the show will be used for the next Airshow and to encourage the interest for flying and education of private pilots.


An important person at an Airshow is the commentator. Not only to tell about what is happening, but also in case of emergencies.

Jan Erik Messmann has been Airshow commentator since 1999 and has told the many thousands of attendees who come every time much about aircraft, aviation, pilots, and everything that moves around a large Airshow like Roskilde Airshow.

Jan Erik has flown since he got his pilot certificate at the age of 23. He has extensive knowledge of aircraft through many years of work as a pilot, both private and business. In the seventies he became number 1 at the great Anton Berg Rally, which was then held as the first big show at EKRK.

Jan Erik flew a total of 14 aircraft types and worked one summer at Aalborg Air Taxi. Due to the large number of pilots trained in 1979 (135 unemployed), it was almost impossible to get a job. However, Aviation is Messmann's heartbeat, and today he is still enjoying himself as a commentator, now in good collaboration with Michael Dines and Dieter Betz.

Messmann has, in addition to his flying, been a member of the Danish Parliament 2015-2019, here as a member of the Transport Committee and the Defense Committee. Since 2010, the captain at Canal Tours in the Port of Copenhagen as well as singer in Cirkusrevyen anno 1971 and TV host on TV2 from 1993 to 2002.

Weather conditions

A key player in an Air Show is the weather. Besides the general rules for aerobatics, which is at least 8 km visibility and 900 feet ceiling, the different Air Show teams also have their own minima in relation to visibility and ceiling, which must be present to implement the show. Unfortunately, we as organizers are not masters of the weather, but in the many years Roskilde Airshow has been held, we have only had 2 days of cancellations.


As with any other aviation safety is high at an Air Show. In the "Rules and Regulations for aviation", there are very specific rules for how such an Air Show should be settled. There must be one person who is responsible to the authorities. There should certainly be ambulance and rescue service. The aircraft must not fly over the audience area, and distance to the audience must be at least 150 meters. In addition to the rules, as the aviation authorities describe, the organizers have, in close cooperation with Roskilde Airport, set rules for communication in the event of an emergency. Instructions to the audience are described in the program, and will be handed out at the entrance to the Air Show and in the information.

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