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One of the many benefits of sponsorship at Roskilde Airshow, is the ability to build and strengthen a company's relationships with the established local business community through sponsorship group Roskilde Airshow. Through the sponsorship you will be able to strengthen the relationships with business associates and employees in a different, inspiring and informal manner through a unique Airshow. The value of a sponsorship depends entirely on the extent to which you yourself activates the sponsorship and takes advantage of the opportunities it offers. Below are some of the benefits:

  • EXPOSURE - through the best Airshow in Denmark
  • HOSPITALITY - VIP experiences for your customers
  • NETWORK - get connected with other business peoplee
  • ADVENTURES - strengthen unity among your employees

The table below is a summary of what the various B2B packages contain. For more detailed information please contact or download our brochure here.

LOGO on offical websitecheck-50px
LOGO in programs1/2 page1/2 page1/1 page
LOGO in press-releasescheck-50px
LOGO in all addscheck-50pxcheck-50px
LOGO on all posterscheck-50pxcheck-50pxcheck-50px
LOGO on information materialcheck-50px
Rights to distribute "give-aways" on the fieldcheck-50pxcheck-50px
Rights to distribute "give-aways" at intrance and bussescheck-50px
Rights to use offical Airshow logo in marketing materialcheck-50pxcheck-50pxcheck-50pxcheck-50px
Rights to organize B2B events at the Airshowcheck-50pxcheck-50px
Booth at the exhibit area (m)102050100
Access passes (amount)225
VIP access passes (amount)10
VIP parking passes (amount)5510
15 sek. adds in event radiocheck-50px

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